Victor Pro Cohesive Bandage

Two Great Tape brands have become one
Victor and Whiteley have worked closely together over the years developing an excellent range of taping products. Whiteley has marketed their range under the Allcare brand whilst Victor has been marketed under the Victor brand. These products are the same products from the same manufacturers. Moving forward, we are merging the Allcare and Victor brands together under our new Victor PRO brand.

Victor Pro Cohesive Bandage 
A self-adherent elastic wrap that functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself. A laminate of non-woven material & elastic fibres placed lengthwise to provide elasticity. The elastic wrap contains a cohesive material that makes it stick to itself but not to other materials or skin. Applications, compression wraps, wound care, and fixation bandages. Cohesive, breathable, sweat- resistant, high tensile, lightweight, and easy-tearing.