What is it?
The TracCollar is a portable neck traction collar with inflatable bulbs that gently stretch the cervical spine, relaxing stiff neck muscles and decompressing joints and discs for neck pain relief.

  • Truly portable - use while watching TV etc
  • Fast & easy set-up - no over door attachments or difficult head halters required
  • Incremental adjustments, easy to adjust

Neck Relief
Developed by orthopaedic engineers in Sweden for a better, more comfortable neck traction experience, the TracCollar comfortably lifts the weight of your head, approximately 5-6kg, from your neck, and can be inflated further to help safely stretch neck muscles and spinal discs. It also helps to promote circulation beneficial to healing through the neck, head and arms.

Size Chart:

Measure your neck circumference in the middle, or some use their shirt collar size:

Small/Medium: (35.5cm to 40.6cm)
Medium/large: (40.6cm to 45.7cm)

If you fall between sizes, choose the large TracCollar size.