The ISOTIB-LT® is a powerful strength & conditioning tool designed to unilaterally train the entire lower body. The device securely fastens to your foot, which holds weights to strengthen your lower body. Users can progressively add weight as they gain muscle strength. It features a 50mm loading bar & customer locking clamp to hold weights securely. The ISOTIB-LT® strengthens the muscles of the ankle, knee, shin, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and glutes; making it the ultimate multifaceted tool for lower body strength and mobility training.


  • Powerful strength and conditioning tool designed to unilaterally train the entire lower body
  • Features a heavy duty nylon frame, stainless steel 50mm loading bar and custom locking clamp to hold weights securely **(weights sold separately)
  • The loading bar boasts 3 positioning options to accommodate various foot sizes and exercise preferences
  • The fast fit and quick release adjustable foot strap features 5 positioning options to ensure it fits all foot sizes
  • The heel support ensures maximum comfort and securely fastens device for exercises such as hamstring curls

Key Benefits:

  • Increases ankle, knee and lower leg strength
  • Improves jump height, sprint speed and explosivity
  • Improves mobility, deceleration and directional change
  • Prevents injuries such as ankle sprains & shin splints
  • Great for rehab, recover faster from injuries & procedures
  • Unlocks 10+ exercises with 1 tool

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