The Pilates Ped and Pull is one of the classic machines that you probably haven't heard much about, it is designed by Joseph H. Pilates. It was created to help an opera singer student (Elaine Malbin), to breathe correctly and efficiently with the aim of greater efficiency in singing.

Working on this equipment allows correcting posture and alignment. It favors axial elongation. It helps us to be aware of our body from the feet to the crown.

It is a meticulous and very efficient work that we can achieve with it. It is a team that helps us to observe the student and thus teach him to correct himself. It forces us to align our feet and strengthen them. It is perfect and indicated in the case of breathing training (thoracic expansion) something to take into account in these days that we live. It helps us in the training and stabilization (correct positioning) of the shoulder girdle (shoulders).

The Ped and Pull is a device that, through stability exercises performed against the action of gravity, helps to strengthen the central muscles (Powerhouse or core), improving muscle length and flexibility, which results in a better posture.

The Ped and Pull is simple like most of the equipment created by Joseph Pilates but at the same time great due to its ability to challenge our body leading it to create an efficient and balanced movement. It is ideal for small work areas.