Allcare Wooden Cadillac

Made from top quality wood - the Cadillac is a well built and sturdy piece of pilates equipment, which enables a wide variety of exercises to be performed. A smooth and quiet piece of equipment offering optimum user comfort.

Tower Total Height: 218cm
Bed Width: 70cm
Bed Height: 62cm
Bed Length: 218cm
Trapeze Features:
  • Aluminium push-through bar which can be assembled as a three sided bar
  • Adjustable to three heights
  • Push-through bar with safety strap
  • Padded trapeze bar with spring collars and springs
  • Trapeze springs with snaps: 2 yellow (light), 2 green (medium), 2 red (heavy)
  • Long springs :2 yellow (light) and 2 green (medium)
  • Solid roll-down bar
  • Triple D-Ring cotton loops (1 pair)
  • One pair of fuzzies
  • Single loops (1 pair)
  • Stability sling (2 pieces)
  • Foot straps (1 pair)
  • Padded foot stopper