Mueller Sports Medicine is excited to announce the introduction of FasciaDerm PFTape‚ System for Plantar Fasciitis, an exciting new product that provides non-drug instant relief for plantar fasciitis. The product allows you to stay active while you heal. The package includes 7 days of relief, 24-hours per application. This is truly a new technology - it is not kinesiology tape. It's made in USA, patented and affordable.

FasciaDerm PFTape System for Plantar Fasciitis is a breakthrough in the treatment of heel & arch pain, particularly the morning heel pain of plantar fasciitis. Each FasciaDerm PFTape System for Plantar Fasciitis is a disposable, one-time use support system designed for rapid heel pain relief & pain recovery.

FasciaDerm PFTape is perfect for all lifestyles, from home users to the professional athlete and is designed to provide direct support leading to rapid pain relief. One size discretely fits everyone regardless of; right foot, left foot, size, shape or gender. FasciaDerm PFTape achieves this in a product which is easy to apply and which users never need to cut or modify. It fits in every shoe! The FasciaDerm PFTape System provides therapeutic support to the foot both day and night, replacing the bulky uncomfortable and restrictive alternatives. Mueller's one sku replaces plantar faciitis night splints, straps and specialty insoles. Step beyond the pain with Mueller FasciaDerm PFTape System for Plantar Fasciitis.