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Foot Orthotics

littleSTEPS® are pre-fabricated foot orthoses specifically designed for kids. They deliver prescription-based correction closely matching the criteria of traditional UCBL devices. littleSTEPS® provide an affordable alternative to custom orthoses, enabling early intervention and treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions common to children.

While podiatrists acknowledge that children with flexible flat feet may often remain asymptomatic until grade school age or adolescent years, as they become more active in sports it is up to the podiatrist to educate the parents on the potential long-term clinical consequences that may occur later on in life if left untreated.

littleSTEPS® orthoses are specifically designed to improve coordination, balance, pain, posture, and strength, and aid in the development of a more stable and functional gait. It is an effective and affordable alternative to custom foot orthoses for your pediatric patients, and allows for immediate same day dispensing. Sizes range from a toddler’s size 5.5 through a Youth/Adult size 8.5 (euro sizes 21-42) suiting all kids.

Gait Plates

littleSTEPS® Gait Plates are the first semi-rigid prefabricated orthoses that effectively limit in-toeing gait caused by rotational deformities of the lower limb. Left untreated toe-in gait may impair proper development of the lower limb and lead to permanent structural, strength, balance, and coordination deficits.

littleSTEPS® Gait Plates work by utilizing a semi-rigid shell that extends laterally beyond MTH's 4 & 5 to effectively alter the break of the ball of the foot during propulsion to encourage out-toeing of the limb at the hip. The littleSTEPS® Gait Plate further addresses the foot pronation associated with in-toe gait by incorporating the features of a functional FO (deep heel cup, medial rearfoot posting and skive) to control subtalar joint pronation during contact and midstance phases of gait.

7 Sizes are available range from a toddler’s size 5 through a Youth/Adult size 5.5 (euro sizes 21-38).