Hand-held dynamometer

The KFORCE Muscle Controller is a handy muscle dynamometer equipped with electronic force transducers giving real-time acoustic and optic biofeedback on your smartphone or tablet through the KFORCE APP. It's perfect for immediate muscle assessment The Muscle Controller is versatile and adaptable to many configurations. The app saves your participant's results in a database. You can then follow-up his progress on maximal force, endurance and muscular symmetry on the app's database.

Comes with a free twin handle bar (picture 2)
The Twin Handle is an accessory that makes the KFORCE Muscle Controller easier to handle. The classic plug is removable, so you can switch it according to the needs of your evaluation. It is suitable for measures that require a stable and controlled two-handed grip. The use of a hand-held dynamometer has never been so comfortable.

Key features

  • Fast assessment
  • User friendly
  • Versatile

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