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Run Dual Formthotics™ feature comfort and cushioning on the top layer while maintaining motion control and stability with a firm base.

The Run Dual Formax™ foam is high volume providing maximum heel and arch support. The top layer provides extreme comfort and cushioning, while the high control bottom layer provides maximum feedback and motion control.  The foam is antimicrobial, and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes foot odour. 

Run Formthotics™ increase foot contact with the ground providing better feedback and awareness. This makes your running more efficient and improves strength and stability. 

Run Formthotics™ distribute body weight more evenly relieving pressure points. They support your feet in their natural posture reducing muscle fatigue and improving recovery. Increased shock absorbency and cushioning reduces impact on muscles, joints and tendons.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve selected a running shoe for overpronators or underpronators, professionally fitted Run Formthotics™will provide the right support for your individual foot. They are suitable for novices and seasoned marathoners alike and help to reduce the risk of injury.  Durable and lightweight, they provide a great ride every time you run.

Sizing Chart (According To Shoe Size)