ErixThree has been developed for patients with subluxation problems that need assistance to lift and hold the shoulder joint in place, after stroke or neurological problems. The patented system with reinforcements and silicone straps on the inside assists the function of the SIT-muscles to retract the shoulder to a posterior safe position. That provides both a lift to the shoulder joint as well as posterior stability.

To further improve the suspension of the shoulder joint a special yoke-strap can be applied to support and lift the shoulder joint individually. The yoke-strap provides a very effective suspension and lift of the joint and can be adjusted individually. The two different lengths can be tried to find which one is the most suitable for the individual patient. If more effect is needed, the shorter strap can be applied upon the longer for double suspension effect.

ErixThree is made of maxi-perforated NeoTex that provides excellent ventilation of the skin. This makes it possible to use the brace for longer periods without making it too hot or uncomfortable. The strap that runs under the armpit is micro-perforated for optimal function and comfort. ErixThree can also be used as a more flexible shoulder brace and then stabiliSed individually by using the enclosed hook straps for a tape-like effect. This can be a very good alternative for patients with sensitive skin that can't tolerate normal or kinesio tape.


Sizes Measurement around biceps
XX-Small 19-24 cm
X-Small 23-27 cm
Small 27-32 cm
Medium 32-35 cm
Large 35-38 cm
X-Large 38-42 cm

Indications: Anterior subluxations of the shoulder joint after stroke or neurological problems. Instability of the shoulder joint after trauma or when more stability and unloading of the shoulder joint is needed. Shoulder capsulitis/Froze shoulder syndrome. Shoulder impingement syndrome, mild to moderate rotator cuff instabilities, Acromioclayicular joint instabilities.