Sheets sold individually.

Allows repeated remoulding for perfect results. Turns translucent when warm.

Resistance to Stretch:

Minimum to moderate resistance to stretch.  Ideal for single-surface splinting or stretched circumferentially


Maximum drape. Excellent conformability and reproduction of detail. Turns translucent when thoroughly heated and retains its clarity for the first few minutes of moulding, allowing visibility of landmarks and bony prominences


100% memory. Will regain its original cut shape and size every time it is reheated

Encore can be used to make a variety of orthoses, providing firm to lightweight support from the hand to the foot


Moderately rigid splints.  If a more flexible splint is required, simply stretch the material to achieve the desired rigidity and thickness


Traditional coating has a tacky surface that helps hold the splint in place during moulding,  Pieces pinched together can be pulled apart once cooled,  Use only dry heat and firm pressure to bond firmly,  use solvent to form a permanent bond

Surface Finish:

Resists fingerprinting for a smooth, shiny surface. To remove marks and bring out shine, dip in warm water or lightly heat the surface with dry heat


Use 3.2mm EncoreTM for thumb, finger and hand splints, bases for dynamic splints and burn splints. It is also ideal for lower extremity splints, circumferential leg splints, foot drop splints and foot orthoses

Use 2.4mm EncoreTM for hand & wrist splints, arthritis splints, circumferential splints & burn splints. It is also ideal as a base for smaller dynamic outriggers

Lightweight 1/16" EncoreTM is ideal for paediatric and finger positioning splints

Working Time (3.2mm):

Allows three to five minutes to form and harden after softening in 71°C water

Latex Free