A full body support pillow designed for pregnancy

Experience full-body support with the Cuddle Up Body Pillow, designed for pregnancy and for those needing general body support. Its U-shape provides abdomen and back support, aligns the spine, and reduces tossing and turning. Transitioning into a nursing pillow further promotes relaxation for both mum and baby. Perfect for various health conditions, this versatile pillow suits all body shapes and sizes.

The Cuddle Up is a full body support pillow designed for pregnant women to help reduce swelling while providing full body support and endless comfort options. The Cuddle Up can transition into a breastfeeding pillow once bub is born. 

Add a U-shape pillow to experience the joy of sleeping supported

  • U-shape wraps around the body and supports the abdomen and back at the same time 
  • Aligns the spine and hips by separating the knees when side sleeping 
  • Helps improve circulation and reduce swelling by elevating extremities 
  • Stops restless tossing and turning 
  • Comes with two adjustable high-density foam inserts 
  • Suits all body shapes and sizes 
  • An excellent nursing pillow once baby arrives