The ES 160 is the premiere electro acupuncture device from the Japanese manufacture ITO It comes with all the fine tuning capabilities you would expect from a top tier unit and is the only device to feature the unique Ryodoraku diagnostic measurement system.

Ryodoraku is a unique diagnostic design and treatment system. The specialised attachment and recording program allows you to measure and compare meridian strength and select meridians for balancing. Ryodoraku manual included.

The stylish compact unit also features 6 channels, stimulating up to 12 acupuncture points simultaneously. Intensity is controlled by reliable manual included.

Digital display allows for accurate adjustable readings of frequency (0.5-500 Hz), phase duration and treatment time. Comes with 8 pre programmed wave forms to choose from including constant, burst, surge, fast + Slow, sweep, random prog. 1, 2, &3.  Random programs cycle through wave forms at low, high, and medium
frequency respectively. See manual for details.


  • Power source: Four(4) alkaline LR14 battery
  • Ryodoraku measurement range: 0-200
  • Voltage setting: 6,12 or 21 volt
  • Number of channels: 6, independently controllable
  • Pulse shape: Symmetric, bi-phasic square pulse
  • Frequency: 0.3-500Hz
  • Phase duration: 50-400¬µs, adjustable
  • Amplitude:
  • Stimulation by 'search and stimulate' probe: 0-48mA(peak)
  • Electro-acupuncture:
  • High: 0-32mA 25%, Low: 0-16mA 25%(peak)
  • Times: 0-60minutes
  • Output modes:
  • (1) Constant (2) Burst (3) Surge (4) Fast + Slow
  • (5) Sweep (6) Random prog.1 (7) Random prog.2
  • (8) Random prog.3
  • Number of memory setting:
  • Memory for Ryodoraku measurement: 24
  • Memory settings for previous treatment parameters: 5, one for each mode(random modes excluded)
  • Free programmable memory settings: 5
  • Dimensions: 239(W) x 174(L) x 41(H) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 600g(without batteries)

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